The Bachelorette Recap – Weeks 1 & 2

A new season of The Bachelorette has started, and it’s amazing so far. There has already been so much drama and someone has already been sent home outside of a rose ceremony! I know I’m a bit behind, but I’ll be doing weekly recaps of The Bachelorette from now on – so if you’re a fan just like me, be sure to tune in.

First of all, I’m so happy that Rachel is the Bachelorette. She’s the perfect choice for the bachelorette, and I’m excited for the season that awaits! Each week, I’ll be doing a breakdown of the episodes in categories: who my favourite pick is, what was the most dramatic (as Chris Harrison likes to say) or shocking moment, and my predictions for the next week.

My Favourite Pick

After watching the first 2 episodes, my favourite, hands down, is Peter. Not only does he seem like a genuinely nice guy, but they seem to mesh so well together! Plus, the fact that they both have gapped teeth is too cute. So far, I’m really hoping that he is the last guy standing.

peter-from-the-bachelorette.jpgSource: Life and Style Magazine

Most Dramatic Moment

This would definitely have to be when Rachel finds out that DeMario had a girlfriend right before the show that he never broke up with. Tomorrow’s episode will explain this in more detail, but I still think that he shouldn’t get a second chance. I’m really hoping that Rachel stands her ground and doesn’t let him back onto the show – but we know from previous seasons that this sometimes happens, and it makes the other contestants really unhappy (and rightfully so!).

giphySource: GIPHY

Next Week’s Predictions

It’s hard to predict next week since we’re so early on in the season, but I’m hoping that Lucas (Whaboom guy) will be sent home. I have a feeling that he’ll be sticking around for a while for ratings, but a girl can hope! Also – I’m predicting that DeMario will not be let back on the show. Rachel is a smart girl, so unless they make her take him back for ratings, I think she’ll be sending him home for good. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow night!

I’ll be uploading a recap of week 3 later this week, so stay tuned for that. Until next time,